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I have recently completed my Day Skipper Theory online with the assistance of Alan.

The course flow and presentation of information was easy to navigate, making chronological progress through the subjects easy to follow.

On the occasions where I had some uncertainty on a theme I was able to call on the knowledge of Alan. Responses were swift and concise, allowing me to progress quickly through the areas where I could otherwise have become stuck.

Thanks again for guiding me through to the next stage of my sailing journey.

A really accurate picture of Kevin
Day Skipper Theory
Very much enjoyed the course. Great to learn the theory and it certainly kept me busy during my lulls of lockdowns. Now, just looking forward to getting out on the water before the next challenge.
A really accurate picture of Ben
Yachtmaster Theory
I found the course material well laid out and very user friendly. Congratulations.
A really accurate picture of Pierre
Yachtmaster Theory
Overall the experience of doing the Yachtmaster Offshore Fasttrack theory course was well worth it and highly rewarding. I would definitely recommend the online courses at Navathome Australia to anyone especially experienced sailors that have practical experience from sailing dinghies to ocean racing but haven't had the opportunity to truly understand the basis of proper seamanship insofar as what it takes to safely navigate a yacht offshore. The course was challenging and packed full of information yet remained engaging and Don was always ready to respond to any queries.
A really accurate picture of Nick
Oceanwest supported Day Skipper
It was an enjoyable course with a good level of explanation and detail, I learnt a lot from it.
Stefan pushing it hard on a Contender
Yachtmaster FastTrack
Thank you for the positive feedback. I really enjoyed the course, the animations are well done and useful. There is a lot in the course but all is interesting and applicable to safe sailing.
A really accurate picture of Greg
Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster
Have just spent the last week working on the Dayskipper theory. Great course to do, thoroughly enjoyed the process of working through it all.

Excellent support from the NAVathome crew all the way throughout the course. Course materials were easy to understand and follow, well supported by animations for the key points. Thoroughly recommend for those wanting learn more and progress in the sailing realm.. now I am looking forward to completing the 5 day practical and getting out on the water.

Thumbs up NAVathome.... Thankyou
Glenn on a tallship
Day Skipper
I have really enjoyed the course.
It has been great to do it at my own pace and revise before sitting the assessment.
I would recommend it to anyone else wishing to learn more about sailing.

A really accurate picture of Michael
Day Skipper
"Thank you for providing this training course and for your timely and helpful responses to all my questions along the way. Much appreciated. I certainly have acquired more knowledge and gained a very healthy respect about all things maritime as a result of completing this course. I found various components of this course to be very challenging and difficult, to be honest. And in many ways I am glad that it was so difficult. I said to my wife, "they certainly don't give these day skipper certificates away", on many occasions while doing the modules and while doing the assessment yesterday. And I am left at the end with the overwhelming feeling that this is how it should be (ie. difficult and challenging) for something so serious as being a skipper of a vessel and having the day skipper qualification awarded to a person seeking such a qualification. And of course I am very pleased that I have passed the assessment and have demonstrated to the satisfaction of you and your institution that I am worthy of being awarded the day skipper certificate."
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Day Skipper
The Navathome Coastal Skippers course is an excellent web based theory course for the RYA Coastal Skippers certification course. The presentation is excellent with clear explanations, animated diagrams and comprehensive information on the subject matter. The online syllabus is supported by training charts and almanac, a chart plotter simulator and an excellent RYA course manual. I enjoyed the program immensely and at no time did I feel to be disadvantaged by not being in a classroom environment. The course can be completed at your leisure and in the comfort of your own home and has a number of revision exercises to maintain your skills. Don was my tutor and I found him to be readily available to answer my questions, check my work and advise me as I progressed. He was often so quick to respond to my e-mails, I sometimes wondered whether he was ever away from his computer. I highly recommend the Navathome program to any prospective student who has the discipline for self education and seeks a yachtmaster qualification.
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Coastal Skipper
This is absolutely wonderful fantastic news! a 100%? wow. I had some doubts about some of the answers. So glad this is done. I would love to meet for a celebratory lunch. This studying alone thing is getting to me..... Thanks again for all your time and patience in answering my questions. All that is left now is to do my sights and the oral exam. Maybe we can brainstorm over that one when we meet for lunch. Yes, please, My full name for the certificate is
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Ocean Yachtmaster

Patricia had tried to do her ocean theory with another distance learning centre and chatted to us because she was unhappy with the course she had booked which tried consisted of a DVD and some slides on the internet. It was not value for money, she was unable to progress through it and the instructor feedback was almost non existent so she booked her Ocean Theory with us and passed.