• Diesel Engine Course


  • - Yes FREE - whilst we are still developing it

  • - No prior experience required

  • - Online Learning

  • - Optimised for mobile devices.

  • - Can be done in as little as 1 hour.

  • Our Diesel Engine Course is currently under development but we have decided to make it free until it is finished and we add the assessment piece. We are developing this course to allow our students to have greater confidence in their ability to keep their Marine Diesel Engine available and ready for use should they ever need it in an emergency. We consider it a fundamental safety item.

    Our diesel course is a collaborative development between Navathome Australia and Navathome.com. It is not an RYA course, but rather we have taken the best elements of various diesel courses to create a course that represents the needs of yachtspersons in all locations. This course attemtps to create a unique environment that combines the benefits of e-learning with the benefits of looking at a diesel engine as you do the course. To really make this work, we are optimising the course to run on mobile devices, although it will work perfectly fine on a laptop or a computer.

    The course will take you through a basic introduction of the operation of a Diesel engine, it will cover the normal engine checks prior to putting to sea, some basic maintenace and will also include a basic faultfinding checklist. We reccomend you take the course in front of an engine, yours or somebody eleses, and complete the engine checks as we bring them up in the course. We update the course material regularly as we finish topics, so feel free to check as often as you need. If there is anything that you would like us to research and add, please let us know.

    This course is still in development, so some parts are missing. We are working to fix the gaps.

  • Basic Operation of a Marine Diesel Engine
  • Engine Safety
  • Environmental Impact
  • Prestart Checks
  • Basic Maintenance
  • Engine Electrics
  • Turbo charging and engine driven bilge pumps
  • Understaidng differences in oil and diesel grades
  • Faultfinding

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