Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we have arrangements with RYA training centres throughout the UK and abroad where you can have your assessment invigilated.

The centre may charge you a fee for the service.

No, unlike other providers we include a plotter and dividers within the theory packs for the following courses: Essential Navigation, ICC, Day Skipper and FastTrack to RYA Yachtmaster Offshore.

We do not include a plotter or dividers for the Coastal/Yachtmaster and Ocean Yachtmaster courses as students at these levels of theory would usually have their own.

Not at all, we have a sophisticated marking system which not only stores your results in your results file but also provides you with instant feedback on your answers.

The Day Skipper Theory course is an ideal starting place for all students who have never completed any theory training as this assumes no prior knowledge.

This course will gradually build up your knowledge and confidence as you progress.


For ICC, Day Skipper, Coastal/Yachtmaster and FastTrack the answer is yes. You can begin studying some parts of the course immediately.

Sections such as: Safety, Collision Regulations and Buoyage can all be started before you receive your RYA pack.

For the Ocean Theory you do need to wait for the RYA pack to arrive because it contains all the tables which are needed for the course.

Theory packs being delivered within the UK usually arrive within two working days.

For theory pack delivery to Europe and overseas, we are in the hands of the local postal or courier service for the destination country. We usually find though, that packs arrive in good time and without any problems.

All times are dependent on commitment, speed of learning and determination.

On average we reckon that the ICC takes around 20 hours, Day Skipper around 45 hours, Coastal Yachtmaster around 60 hours and the Ocean Yachtmaster around 50 hours.

Of course! We are here to help you to achieve your goal and if you complete the course, we will make sure you have the required knowledge to pass the assessment.

You have a statutory right to cancel the course within a 14 day period of booking. Your course fees will be refunded on receipt of your returned, unopened RYA theory pack. Please see the terms and conditions.

You have initial access to the course for 6 months, after which, you can extend it for as many further 6 month intervals as you wish.

The cost is £30 for each additional 6 month access extension. However, we do recommend that students complete the course in a short time thus keeping the knowledge gained fresh in mind.

Yes, access to the lessons is available through our revision website for up to two years after completion. This also provides you with access to the glossary of sailing terms and any updates to the lessons which may have been made since completing the course.

Our site is certified as being safe. This may be confirmed by checking for the small lock image in your browser window.

The only data which is held by us, is that which is necessary to run your chosen course and for us to deliver your course materials. This information consists of: your name, address, email and details relating to your chosen course.

You may request for this information to be removed at any time, but this will mean that access to your theory/revision courses will no longer be possible. In addition, we would not hold any records of your course completion should you need to replace your certification in the future.

We do not have access to your payment information at any time during your booking process. This information is handled only by secure servers according to your chosen payment method.

Please visit the password page – by using the access link to your course, enter your course access email address and then click the ‘lost password’ button.

An email reminder of your password will automatically be sent to you.

If you are based in the UK or Europe or in the same time zone as these locations you are likely to have your assessment marked as you take it with results and corrections available straight away. In other time zones you may have wait for up to about 12 hours for the results. Instructors are available from 0900 UK time.

If your 6 months initial course access period had expired, you will need to use the ‘Extensions’ tab to add an access extension. This can be found in the toolbar at the top of this page.



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