Navathome Fundamental Navigation & Skipper Training

Theory Course

Navathome Fundamental Navigation and Skipper
Theory Course

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The Foundations of Seamanship

Our Fundamental Navigation and Skipper Course offers essential boating knowledge and skills. Learn seamanship, chart navigation, tides, collision regulations, weather, buoy recognition, and safety at sea. Gain practical expertise in knots, anchors, berthing, and emergency procedures. Begin your journey of being able to navigate confidently and responsibly on the water.

Is this course right for you?

This is an excellent starting point for beginners and individuals planning to get a fundamental understanding of navigation. It is great for those planning out a charter holiday in the Whitsundays onboard a charter yacht, or want to get a solid foundation before starting the RYA competent crew course. With an estimated duration of 20 hours, the course adopts a continuous assessment approach, eliminating the need for a final exam. Upon successful completion, participants will download a certificate of course completion as validation of their accomplishment.

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Outstanding Reviews

" A good introduction course that covers most topics that a person will need to master if wanting to advance to skipper status. Also a great way to test the waters for anyone that is curious about what maybe involved in online training. The course ran well and progressed in a logical order. Working at your own pace and being able to revisit quiz questions, if not successful on your first attempt, makes study at home more enjoyable. Overall a great course to start you off. "


All courses are completed online, study at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.


RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Offshore


  • General seamanship: boat parts, tying up, preparation for sea, knots, anchors, anchoring, and tacking.

Chart familiarisation:

  • Basic latitude and longitude lessons, compass usage, chart symbols, variation, and deviation.

Practical animations:

  • Interactive animations for berthing practice and MOB scenarios (motor and sail)..

Tidal heights:

  • Determining tide height for safe navigation in ports, crossing shallows, and avoiding grounding.
  • Using tidal height tables, tidal curves, depths, and depth contours.

Collision regulations:

  • Understanding collision avoidance, proper use of lights, identifying vessel types and recognising day shapes.
  • Lessons and quizzes on sound signals and their various uses.


  • Causes of weather systems, reading and considering present and future weather forecasts.
  • Interpreting weather charts and accessing weather information sources.


  • Recognising buoys by lights, characteristics, shape, colour, and name.
  • Knowing the appropriate actions when approaching buoys.


  • Basic safety at sea, including life raft and life jacket usage.
  • Handling and using flares, fire prevention, making mayday calls.
  • Various methods of alerting other vessels in distress.


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