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  • An interactive radar simulator with basic operational training.
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    This is an image of our functional radar simulator that we have included to further improve the interactive nature of our courses. It shows our commitment to being ahead of all our competition both in quality, quantity and and online help. Each of the buttons on our simulator have the functionality that simulates real world operation and you can even try it for free in our introductory free trial course.
    • Remove Clutter
    • Use Heading Lines
    • Use Range Rings
    • Take Electronic Bearings
    • Variable Range Markers
    Play with it here.
  • An interactive chart plotter with active AIS overlay
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    This is a limited sample of our fully functional chart plotter simulator and yes it includes a functional AIS overlay. Exclusive to NAVatHOME courses and it is found in the electronic navigation aids part of our course. AIS stands for Automatic Identification System and allows vessels to communicate data between each other over VHF and allows for more information available to skippers than ever before. It has become one of the most essential tools in Man Overboard response. Have a look at the detailed interactive example in our free trial.
    chart 2 yacht_no_risk yacht_no_risk boat commercial vessel comm2 comm3
    The course version will allow you to select different elements, identifiy key information and assess impact. There is no other simulator that we have found that does this.
  • Fully worked solutions to each problem with animated instruction
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    As you complete each problem, we show a detailed animation of how we solved the same problem. We will show you each point as to how we got our answers, we interactively draw our tide plots and chart markings with a step by step instruction that you can review over and over again. Not only will you see which answers were not quite right, but you will be able to see how you went wrong. Unlike other online courses, our courses dont use recorded videos, or pre-booked zoom sessions with an instructor, our courses use animated instruction that you can come back to time and time again as you want to revise what we have covered.
  • NAVatHOME Australia courses have been evovling over 15 years and have a huge world wide support network. We are one of the most experienced providers of online RYA theory in the market today.
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    When you book a course with NAVatHOME Australia, you gain access to the expererience of NAVatHOME Australia, our sister Navathome school in the northern hemisphere, and all the Navathome agents world wide. We all work to enhance our courses and to ensure accuracy, and provide the best yachtmaster learning experience available. Navathome has been established for over ten years and has been developing RYA online theory courses for over 15 years. This is why Navathome is so far ahead in design, teaching methods and systems. Navathome does not use a learning platform, we use a completely scripted solution that allows us the greatest flexibility in designing courses that present navigation theory in the best way possible. We have a number of programmers working with us to help continuously improve the learning experience. We are not restricted by pre-designed widgets in a learning platform that provide limited options.
  • All our courses include additional course material for bouyage, Collision Regulations, Nav-light and shape flip cards plus an extensive glossary of terms.
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    Our courses use modern interactive learning techniques and are updated with new course material as technology improves. We have had graduates from those with no experience, to even former Olympic and Americas Cup sailors who have all gained something from our courses. Our theory programs, in conjunction with a practical course offer the best way for you to seek the International Certificate of Competency and the European CEVNI endorsement which is a requirement if you wish to bareboat charter in parts of the Mediterranean Sea or on European inland waterways.

    Our courses are open to anyone who wishes to complete the RYA Southern Hemisphere syllabus online with students from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Seychelles, and the Pacific Islands. We can ship our Southern Hemisphere syllabus courses anywhere in the world, and we are happy to talk you through any questions you may have.

    We ship our course packs using express post to anywhere in the world!

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