Over 10 years of delivering Online Theory Courses.

Our courses have been running for nearly 15 years and are continuously updated following feedback from our students, updates to the RYA syllabus and as we develop new learning tools. we develop out courses internally and do not use a third party course content creator. This means that the courses are developed specifically for our needs and offers us the greatest flexibility in creating content, whilst also reducing our costs making our courses the most affordable, flexible, and the most detailed RYA online courses available.

Work where you like, at your own speed and in your own time.

  • No Classroom Pressure
  • Save pages to work off-line
  • Assessments can be taken in your own home
  • Self paced- with real time feedback

  • Ongoing support to help you pass your exam.

    Support can be done via email, phone or over the web. We can even help our graduates with revision prior to their practical assessments.

    Video conferencing tutorials.

    Everyone learns in different ways, and some people find it hard to get motivated with online learning. We do offer the option with personalised one on one video conference tutorials. This allows bespoke tutorials where you can work through some of the more complex aspects of the course. Often it is just finding a perspective that makes things easier.

    RYA certification

    RYA theory certificates on completion of your course. These are recognised by any RYA recognised school to support your continuing education.

    Start your course straight away.

    Once you have booked your course you will receive an email containing your user name and password to access the course you have booked. You will be able to start working straight away on the sections where the RYA pack is not needed. Your RYA pack, containing your charts (dividers and plotter if applicable), and reference material will be posted express post the next business day.

    Detailed animated lessons and interactive simulators.

  • Over 150 animated lessons.
  • Animated radar and chart plotter displays
  • Mini sample animation

    Get a first class pass - and a world standard in training

    At Navathome we encourage students to aim high. Not just to pass the assessment but to pass it with top grade results. We will work hard to help you understand the content, and be able to adapt to conditions around the world.

    Our content doesn't just meet RYA standards, it exceeds them, and will improve your knowledge and awareness giving you greater confidence in your own knowledge and skills and how to employ them.

  • Free additional content in addition to your course.
  • Free boat handling animations with the Day Skipper and Coastal Yachtmaster.

  • Glossary of terms

    A comprehensive glossary of terms is available on every page of the course. It comes complete with explanations and images and is one of the most comprehensive set of sailing terms available. You can test it from our free trial.

    Dividers and Breton Plotter included in RYA Day Skipper and Yachtmaster FastTrack courses

    Yes, these high quality navigation instruments are included in your Day Skipper or Yachtmaster FastTrack subscription. If you are doing coastal skipper courses, we hope you haven't lost the dividers and plotter from the day skipper course. If you have lost them, you can pick up replacements from our online store.

    Interactive Guidance

    When filling in answers to RYA questions using our innovative form system, the auto-help feature will give you instant help if your answers are incorrect. help is also available from our instructors who will be available either by email or telephone seven days a week.
    'Hint' buttons make it easy to remember the steps required to answer questions and reach a successful conclusion.

    5 day opt out with full refund

    If you start the course and within 5 days you decide the course is not for you, we will refund with no questions asked. We only ask that you return the course pack that will already be on its way to you. We strongly recommend that you complete the free trial course before enrolling so you are aware of the course structure and how it works.

    Up to 15% multiple course discounts.

    An automatic 10% discount on any 2 Nav-at-home Australia courses booked. 15% on three or more courses in any combination when booked at the same time. Group bookings attract a discount when booked together.

    6 months initial window to complete the course with extension options.

  • We give you up to 6 months to complete the course to allow for unplanned events.
  • Additional 6 months extension can be purchased for $60.
  • No limit on the number of extensions you request.
  • Options to pause your course for while you are away.
  • Extensions can be procured even if your subscription has expired

  • 2 years access to the course material once you have finished.

    We know that once you pass your course, you may want to review it again especially if you intend to do the yachtmaster practical exam. We will retain your account automatically for 2 years once you graduate. We can extend further if you need to if you let us know before the 2 years is up, or if you prefer we can delete your account as soon as you like.

    No hidden costs.

    Your course subscription fee covers all aspects of your theory course.
  • Dividers and plotter for Day-Skipper and FastTrack students
  • All charts and reference material included - you will only have to cover any replacement resources and charts.
  • The cost of your exam is included, no requirement to pay for an exam supervisor.

  • Our courses have proven to be compatible with:

  • Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and all chromium based browsers
  • Proven on Microsoft Windows, Apple, and Linux
  • Proven on Android and Apple-OS tables and mobile devices
  • All updates are tested on the platforms before being deployed to ensure maximum compatibility for all users