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The ultimate RYA theory course for those with a real interest in serious navigation.
This course is a requirement for those wishing to work on larger vessels and is great fun for those who do not.

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Understand how celestial navigation works.

Study time :- Approximately 50 hours.
Certification:- RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Theory.
Ocean Yachtmaster Theory Assessment:- Included and online.
14 day opt out with full refund on return of the undamaged course pack. Price includes RYA practice navigation tables access to the Navathome Ocean Yachtmaster theory course,  course notes and feedback and help from our fulltime instructors for 18 hours a day seven days a week.

This course is provided by our sister school Navathome.com
This is one of those times when I can say there is no other choice.
This course is by far the best Astro Navigation course around and beats not only other distance learning courses but classroom courses as well. All the usual pictures that are normally provided as still slides are fully animated providing a learning opportunity not to be missed. If you would like to book this course please contact us. More info?
The animated lessons used in these courses are not matched in any other online course.
They are designed to make learning interesting and questions easy.
Assessment methods within the courses ensure student training is Evaluated, Validated and Recorded.
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What students think

"If you are thinking about taking the YM Ocean theory course? Stop thinking. Do it now.
During this course, Georgina and Vic were always there to answer my questions immediately. Even on a Sunday evening!
I would like to thank the whole Navathome crew for helping me through this.
I recommend this course to everyone who is thinking about the YM Ocean exam, but also if you are just interested in celestial navigation. Follow this course at your own tempo.
This course brought my maritime career to a higher level."

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RYA Theory coursesRYA Theory courses not included by all other providers. 

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To complete the Ocean Yachtmaster theory course candidates must have a sound knowledge of navigation, latitude and longitude and transferred position lines.

Ocean Yachtmaster Syllabus.

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  •   The earth and the celestial sphere.
    • Definition of observer’s zenith and position of a heavenly body in terms of latitude, longitude, GHA and declination
    • Right angle relationships, latitude and co-lat, declination and polar distance
    • Relationship between GHA, longitude and LHA
    • Tabulation of declination in nautical almanac
    • Rate of increase of hour angle with time
  • The PZX triangle
    • The tabulated components of the triangle, LHA, co-lat and polar distance
    • The calculable components, zenith distance and azimuth
    • Relationship between zenith distance and altitude
    • Introduction to the tabular method of solution in the Air Navigation Tables and the basic sight form
    • The use of calculators for the solution of the PZX triangle
  •  The sextant
    • Practical guide to the use and care of a sextant at sea
    • Conversion of sextant altitude to true altitude
    • Application of dip, index error and refraction
  • Correction of side error, perpendicularity, index error and collimation error
    • Measurement of time
    • Definition of, and relationship between, UT, LMT, standard time and zone time
    • Rating of chronometers and watches
    • Meridian altitudes
    • Forecasting time of meridian altitude
    • Reduction of meridian altitude sights
    • Sun, star and other sights
    • Reduction and plotting of sun sights using Air Navigation Tables
    • Awareness of use of calculator for sight reduction
    • The plotting of sun-run-sun meridian altitude
  • Awareness of the reduction and plotting of sights obtained from stars, moon and planets
  • Compass checking
    • Use of amplitude and azimuth tables systems and/or calculator
  • Satellite Navigation Systems
    • Principles and limitations of use of all systems
  • Great circle sailing
    • Comparison of rhumb lines and great circles
    • Vertices and composite tracks
  • The computation of a series of rhumb lines approximating to a great circle by use of gnomonic and Mercator projections
  • Meteorology
    • General pressure distribution and prevailing winds over the oceans of the world
    • Tropical revolving storms, seasonal occurrence and forecasting by observation
  • Passage planning
    • Publications available to assist with planning of long passages (routeing charts, ocean passages of the world and other publications)
    • Preparation for ocean passage including survival equipment, victualing, water and fuel management, chafe protection, spares and maintenance
  • Passage making
    • Navigational routine
    • Watch keeping
    • Crew management
  • Communications
    • Satellite and terrestrial systems
    • Weather information
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 The Navathome.com suite of courses is professionally written by fully qualified RYA instructors with a background in e-learning and computer programming.

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